Banjolia - Synopsis

A FurShows Original Series Synopsis
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Steampunk

A charming young bard travels across a dangerous country spreading musical stories, while picking up a troop of friends, animals, and cute monsters.

After discovering he's being watched and tracked by mysterious enemies he stumbles into defending local inhabitants from the wrath of their military, and ignites a search for fragments of an asteroid he's been using to power up his Banjo.


Banjolia tells the story of the travelling bard “Lyall Hopkins, (19), a Javeril citizen – handsome, charming, a virtuoso, and highly-travelled individual” who is repeatedly attacked by powerful dark forces, monsters, and bandits as he moves from villages to towns across the country of Javeril armed only with his trusty Banjo he's upgraded over time into a powerful modular weapon.

Upon reaching deeply hidden villages throughout the forests and or the mountain sky towns of Javeril he performs for local residents telling them of his deeds and how he survived through music and song.

Guided by musically charmed pets along the way, his companions ever grow, and dangers ever rise as wild dark forces take notice of this traversal through their lands.

Please note: This synopsis is copyrighted to Jonathan Curley (Velivian Fesothe). It is posted purely for informational purposes to explain the show Banjolia, and should not be reproduced elsewhere without explicit permission.

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